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Think Fast – SRB Field Rests was in the Equation

Jason Burgess reminisces about his 2018 Spring Turkey Season and credits SRB Field Rests for his success. 

Opening morning of the 2018 Spring turkey hunting season, I was taking a break after my morning hunt. I heard a thundering gobble of a mature Tom that had been seen the evening before on a power line near camp.

Thinking fast, I shifted into “full blown turkey hunting mode” as I reach for my gun with the SRB Gun Butt Sling/Tote Strap already attached from my prior hunt, and my SRB Turkey Rest. I quickly cut the distance between camp and the bird on the power line as took off down the trail.

I could still hear the thundering gobbles coming from the power line, even over the sound of my heartbeat that had crept up my neck and sounded like a bass drum. As I set up I realized that the Tom was getting closer, yet thinking it probably would not leave the clear cut. I quickly found a good place to take a seat. I waited, and waited, and waited for what seemed like eternity. Luckily, having the SRB Gun Butt Sling and SRG Field Rest, I was able to sit wait that bird out while still having my hands free for a few calls to entice him.

After about 30-40 minutes the Tom committed to coming in and giving me a good shot so I could slap the gobbler gauge on him and bring him home!

I had a great 2018 season: I can’t say enough about the convenience of SRB Field Rests products.

Jason Burgess – Team BRGS (Bucks, Ruts, Gobbles, and Struts of Indiana) and SRB Field Rests Pro-Staff. 

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