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Camera Mount Solutions from SRB Field Rests

If you are looking for a way to get some really unique footage of your videoed hunts, check out the SRB Field Rests Ground Mount Phone Holder or SRB Field Rests Clamp-On Phone Holder.

SRB Field Rests Ground Mount Phone Holder allows you to attach a cell phone, GoPro, or any small POV camera giving you the solution to place a camera where the action is. Record that boss tom, close up and personal at your decoy, as he comes running in for the harvest.

The Ground Mount Phone Holder kit includes one clamp-on phone holder with spring loaded phone clamp that adjusts from 2.50″ to 3.50″, one adapter with swivel ball-head with 1/4″ screw mount, and one sturdy steel powder coated socket. If you are hunting in a ground blind and need a little extra height to get that perfect hands-free footage, you can use the Ground Mount Phone Holder with the 17″ extension or 31″ extension. You can also use the SRB Field Rests Ground Mount Phone Holder to hold your cell phone while hunting in a popup blind, in the field, in the tree stand, fishing or where ever you want to free up hands and keep phone safe and ready to use.

If you are hunting from a deer stand, the SRB Field Rests Clamp-On Phone Holder is the solution. The Clamp-On Phone Holder will give you the perfect second camera view of your hunt; in the stand action. The kit includes one clamp-on adapter and one spring loaded phone holder.

The Clamp-on Phone Holder can be mounted on any round or square tubing or pipe structure, even to a crossbow or rifle scope with a diameter of .5″ to 1.5″. The spring loaded phone holder adjusts from 2.25″ to 3.25″ to fit most common brand smartphones. When using the unit on a crossbow and rifle, an optional Velcro strap holds the phone in position during recoil.

The unit is easy to use by adjusting the unit’s clamp snug against the surface you want to mount to and snap closed to tighten the clamp. The Clamp-on Phone Holder works well with all SRB Field Rests cradles and extensions. To adjust the position, simply loosen the knob above the clamp and adjust. To swivel, simply lift knob and rotate on the clamp. This product works with all small POV cameras with a 1/4″ screw mount.

Order your SRB Field Rests products today, with free shipping, and get the products in time for your opening day.

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