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At Last, A Turkey Rest That I Can Depend On

Regardless if you are a veteran turkey hunter or only have a couple seasons under your vest, you have surely at one time or another, wished you had a shooting rest to hold the weight of your shotgun as you waited out the perfect shot on a slowly approaching Tom.

The problem with many shooting rests is that they are not self-standing. Those that stick into the ground are often hard to get into the ground and, more often, impossible to quickly move them to where you need them. I carry a shooting rest with me on every turkey hunt. I don’t usually shoot off the rest unless everything is textbook perfect, which normally is not the case with turkey hunting. I use a rest to hold the fore end weight of my shotgun until the bird is in range, then I will pick my gun up and line it up for the shot. Not having to hold the weight of my shotgun keeps me from having shoulder fatigue which can result in a bad shot. Having a rest that is adjustable puts the gun at the perfect height to shoulder the shotgun results in less movement by the shooter.

I have tried them all; extending monopods with a blunt end that sits on the ground, extending bi-pods, strap-on shooting sticks, scissor style bi-pods, a single monopod with a pointed end…I could not find the perfect shooting stick for turkey hunting. That is until I started using the Turkey Rest by SRB Field Rests.

The Turkey Rest by SRB Field Rests allows me to solidly set the rest at my required shooting height so I don’t have to extend it every time when setting up. The rest can be extended from 22” to 27” and locked in solid by a wing bolt screw. The adjustable height is perfect for sitting on the ground, or in a turkey lounger, or low stool. The molded shooting rest is deep which allows for hands-free on the fore end of your shotgun when working calls, regardless if you have the shotgun shouldered or the butt-end sitting in your lap, or on the ground beside you. My favorite feature is the chisel point steel spike. I have always struggled with getting my shooting stick into the ground solid. Worse yet, the ability to move it quickly and stick it back into the ground solid in preparation for a fast approaching bird from a different direction. The chisel point end allows you to easily stick the field rest in the ground, and even with one hand holding your shotgun.

Included is an 18” extension that adjusts by a wing bolt screw, a 5 ½” steel spike, and a durable molded plastic rest; the entire unit weighs only 14 ounces and packs perfectly in a turkey vest, hunting pack, or can be hand carried easily. I would expect to pay twice as much for a field rest that works as flawless as the Turkey Rest by SRB Field Rest; at $19.99, you can bet that I own more than one because I use them hog and predator hunting.

SRB Field Rest offers another unique item that is perfect for the turkey hunter, the SRB Gun Butt Sling/Tote Strap. The Gun Butt Sling allows you to keep your shotgun shouldered while on the Turkey Rest, on the ready in the shooting position while you are free to work calls, use your binoculars, or simply rest your shoulders. This lightweight sling is simple to put on and adjusts quickly. It is the perfect companion for the Turkey Rest. Both products can be purchased as a package deal.

If you are attending the National Wild Turkey Federation Convention and Sports Show how this weekend, visit Booth 1155 to see the entire selection of field rests and other gear that SRB Field Rests has to offer. Make sure you are packing a Turkey Rest by SRB Field Rests into the turkey woods this season.

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