Never lay your expensive weapon on the ground again!

SRB Field Rests and Accessories

From shotguns to crossbows, our unique design allows hunters to set up their hunting site, make calls or wait for prey without compromising safety. SRB Field Rests lift your weapon off of the ground a provide a sturdy, safe place to lay your weapon when not in use. Sturdy metal spikes allow SRB Field Rests to be used in all types of terrain including hard, rocky or frozen ground.

SRB Field Rests ProStaff

Our team shares an amazing passion for hunting and the outdoors. We currently have ProStaffers located in eleven states across the US!

If you are interested in becoming a SRB ProStaff and are dedicated to promoting the products that you represent, email us at [email protected].

Field Tips

Stories from the team with tips, tricks and information to make your hunt more successful.

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