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SRB Field Rests Helps Improve the Performance of Your Shotgun Increasing the Success of Your Hunt 

I use SRB Field Rests in the field and in the timber while waterfowl hunting and love this product line. SRB Field Rests 6” Rests not only keeps my shotgun at the ready, it also keeps it elevated securely out of the water and mud. Keeping your firearm dry, clean, and in good working condition is important to the performance of your firearm and the success of your hunt.

The SRB Gun Rests 6” Rests keeps your shotgun out of the mud and water ensuring optimal performance from your weapon for the best possible hunting odds.

SRB Field Rests are very easy to pack in a blind bag or backpack to take anywhere you need them. A great essential tool to have in the field for you and your hunting buddies. It is an honor to represent such a great product line and makes me proud to be a part of the SRB Field Rests team.

Darren Meharg
Judsonia, Arkansas
SRB Field Rests Field Staff

“A great essential tool to have in the field for you and your hunting buddies.” ~Darren Meharg, Arkansas


The SRB Field Rests product shown herein is available in the 6” singledouble, or 25 piece ”Outfitter’s Special” in brown and white. Also, available in 11” double in brown, white, and gray. Visit the SRB Field Rests Waterfowl products page for all the products available.

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