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SRB Turkey Rest Essential for those Slow to Approach Toms

We have all been there…matter of fact, I was there this morning. Opening day of the Alabama spring turkey season and we struck up a Tom shortly after daylight. We scrambled to find us a place to set up. We dropped the decoy into the ground, settled into our turkey recliners and the hunt was on. 

About 8-10 minutes into this sit I saw a Tom on the ridge top and he was in hot pursuit of our calls. I placed my shotgun on my SRB Field Rests turkey rest and watched as he trotted down the hill side and disappear in a small valley about 60 yards from our set up. I sat perfectly still, cheek to gun stock, waiting for him to pop up just the other side of the decoy. I waited, and waited.

Finally, I could see him. He was still seeking that hen he heard. My heart rate was elevated and I could hear its rapid beat in my ears. My breathing was very pronounced as I mentally was trying to calm my excitement. If I were holding my shotgun freehand at the ready, there is no way that it would be still. 

As the Tom closed the yardage between him and the decoy, which he still had not seen because of a brush line and cedar tree, I put the bead of my shotgun that was still resting on my SRB rest right in his direction. The Tom finally saw the decoy and puffed up as huge as he could make himself and strutted a 6’ parallel line with the decoy. I didn’t have a shot because of the cedar tree. Back and forth, back and forth for at least 20 minutes. Here I was, my shotgun at the ready, safety off, bead in the direction of that turkey’s noggin and resting steadily on the SRB turkey rest. 

Had it not been for the SRB turkey rest, there is no way I could have stayed on that bird like I did. All it was going to take was a small clearing just three feet from the turning point of his strut line. I would have long been busted from raising and lowering my gun due to shoulder and arm fatigue had it not been for my SRB turkey rest. 

That shot never presented itself but I never got busted either, the Tom simply lost interest in that one motionless and seemingly uninterested turkey hen decoy and he turned the other direction and went on with his search for a more receptive hen. Another reason I really like the SRB Turkey Rest is because of how securely it holds my shotgun in place while I am using calls or need to be hands free on my shotgun to use binoculars or to check my OnX Maps to see where a bird is located. 

The SRB Turkey Rest allows for a 22” to 27” height to the middle of the gun rest making it ideal for sitting on the ground, a turkey stool, or a turkey lounger. The set includes an 18” extension with a ½” steel spike to insert into just about any type ground, and a durable molded plastic rest that is adjustable with a wind bolt set screw that securely holds the weight of any weapon. The SRB Turkey Rest is not only ideal for shotguns, rifles, and AR frame rifles, it is also compatible with crossbows. 

Also available is the SRB Gun Butt Sling that is an essential tool for the turkey and predator hunter. The tool keeps your shotgun and rifle in the shooting position at all times when the weapon is in the rest. The Gun Butt Sling doubles as a great tote strap for the rest. Order your SRB products today at

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