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Special Offer for Goose Hunting Guides and Outfitters from SRB Field Rests

The SRB Po’ Man’s Gun Rest is the most compact rest in the SRB Field Rest line up. Ideal for the goose hunter when using layout blinds, backboards, or panel blinds in any weather condition; an imperative rest when hunting in muddy conditions. The Po’ Man’s Gun Rest allows a shotgun to remain in position, elevated off the ground for safety and a quick grab and mount. The six inches of elevation protects shotguns from the mud and dirt keeping them in working order and at the ready. Depending on set up, one or two rests can be used.


The lightweight SRB Po’ Man’s Gun Rest, designed with the SRB proprietary molded rest, has a 4.5”x1/4” nail-point spike molded into the post that can be hand-driven into most types of ground. There are six inches of clearance from the bottom of the rest cradle to the top of the spike. The Po’ Man is available in three colors: brown, gray, and white. The compact design makes it easy to store in blind bags, backpacks, decoy bags, or hand carried.

For a limited time, SRB Field Rests is offering guides and outfitters a pre-order special of almost 50% off of the Po’ Man’s Gun Rest for fall production*, just in time for preparation of goose hunting season. Order a minimum of 40 single units at $8 each to receive this special discount pricing; retail price is $14.95 each.

*If we do not have the mold producing by November 1, 2018, SRB Field Rests will substitute the SRB Backboard/Layout 6” (single) Gun Rest for the Po’ Man’s Gun Rest. Retail on the SRB Backboard/Layout Gun Rest is $24.95. What a bargain that is!! 


Keep your clients happy, their shotguns safe and clean, and give them the best set up for success in the field by having their shotguns at the ready with SRB Field Rests Po’ Man’s Gun Rest. Visit the SRB Field Rests website at to see our other options for predator-turkey hunting, waterfowl hunting, blind-stand hunting for shotgun, muzzleloader, rifle, or crossbow.

For more information or to place your order, contact Richard Howland, Owner of SRB Field Rests at 785-626-4471 or

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