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SRB Field Rests Turkey Rest Keeps Me Steady for a Successful Alabama Harvest

Rebecca Gicewicz shares her successful Alabama turkey hunt with us while using SRB Field Rests’ Turkey-Predator Rest.

Alabama’s 2018 Spring Turkey season opened on Thursday and on Friday I was ready to hit the woods. The alarm went off early on Saturday morning and I was awake and excited to get to my set up! I had scouted the area and had seen lots of great turkey tracks after a recent rain so my hopes were high. In the foggy darkness, I snuck into the field and set up my Jake and hen decoys. I picked a big oak tree to rest against and skewered my SRB Field Rests Turkey Rest firmly into the Alabama Red clay. My shotgun was ready, my calls were ready, now I had to wait for the sun to come up.

The morning was foggy as the sun appeared red on the horizon as the songbirds began their day I hit my calls a few times. Sadly, there were no replies, but I was undaunted. I remained in my spot listening and watching intently, hoping and praying for a gobble close by. I was comfortable against that oak so I continued intermittently calling. I have a new mouth call I’ve been practicing with so I finally pulled it out and made a loud sequence of fast clucks and yelps. That cutting got someone’s attention, I was answered back with several gobbles! My adrenaline surged! I didn’t see any movement yet so I called a bit softer–another answer. I didn’t have to wait very long before I saw five turkeys running my way. My gun was in the SRB Field Rest in the ready position, the only thing that was moving was my eyes.

The five turkeys turned out to be Jakes and they were ready to rumble with my decoy. They circled around and began to strut and drum, I love to hear that low humming noise. One went for the decoy and they all joined the fray. I was able to stay completely still and watched the pandemonium. Finally, one Jake moved away from the crowd and began to strut, I clucked with my mouth call, he stopped strutting and raised his head, I steadied the gun in the rest, took the safety off and pulled the trigger. At 35 yards he fell down flopping. The other Jakes turned their aggression to their buddy and unleashed more punishment. The safety was back on and I watched the Jakes until they lost interest and fed off. What a fun hunt!!


I really like my SRB Field Rest because it is lightweight and sturdy with a sharp, durable point that will penetrate rough terrain. Once its stuck, it stays up and allows me to rest the stock in my shoulder without muscle fatigue. It is steady enough to give me a rock solid rest even when my adrenaline is pumping. I like the adjustability in height so whether I am sitting on my turkey chair or just my cushion I can dial in the optimum height for an accurate shot.

After the hunt, I enjoyed sharing the story with my husband and my hunting buddies. I hope that you have enjoyed this turkey tale too. We took a lot of pictures and chatted about the events. I plan to use the tail fan on my new Jake decoy, it is already pinned and drying. Looking forward to a delicious meal of marinated turkey breast in the crockpot, and my dogs get the feet and legs as a treat.

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