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SRB Field Rests Products Gave Hunter a Second Chance at a Trophy Tom

Brad Gootee was thankful to have the SRB Turkey Predator Rest and Gun Butt Sling on his recent turkey hunt. The combination of the two made it possible for Brad to work several different calls over a 45-minute time span to bring a bird in for the shot. Here is Brad’s story:

A few weeks ago Richard Howland sent me SRB Field Rests’ newest product, the Gun Butt Sling. I attached the Gun Butt Sling to my shotgun, so I knew I would have it ready for the hunt. My buddy and I headed off to camp with an agenda to sneak back to the area where a coyote had derailed a hunt last week. A spot where a bird was hammering hid head off when a coyote busted the bird out of the area. We get to the location right about roosting time and hit the owl call. Sure enough, a gobble erupted off the roost in the same spot.

I got absolutely no sleep all night from tossing and turning until the alarm was about to go off. I sat up and asked my buddy, “You ready to do this?” He replies, “You are going to get that bird, Bub!” So, we pack up and head out grabbing the SRB Turkey-Predator Rest, throw blind, and shotgun with attached SRB Gun Butt Sling.

We set up a little ways from last weeks’ spot and waited. It was not too long before the bird belted out its first gobble. The tom spent 40-minutes hammering gobbles from the roost. Finally, the bird pitched down and started slowly working his way to us. I sat for 45-minutes with my gun up and using multiple calls at the same time to convince this bird he was hearing the real deal. Finally, here he came! Boom! I’m sure glad I had the Gun Butt Sling and SRB Turkey-Predator Rest on this hunt. I was able to keep my gun where I needed it while handsfree, allowing me to use several different calls, and allowing the shotgun to be ready for the shot with little movement. ~Brad Gootee, SRB Field Rests Pro-Staff

SRB Turkey-Predator Rest 
The SRB Turkey-Predator Rest is the perfect turkey hunting rest, keeping your gun ready to shoot. Perfect for a shooting rest while sitting in a low turkey recliner chairs or a turkey stool, or even sitting on the ground.  The sturdy steel black powdered coated socket has a 5” spike that can be easily inserted into any type of ground. It is also easy to relocate quickly. A 17” extension is bolted into the socket, and a durable molded plastic rest sits inside the extension and adjusts with a new wing bolt set screw;  adjusting from 20″ to 25″ from where the gun sits in the rest to the ground.

SRB Gun Butt Sling
The SRB Gun Butt Sling is an essential tool for the turkey and predator hunter. The 1/2″ wide nylon webbing with a pressure clasp and slide adjustment is lightweight and easy to store, also converts to a tote strap for the rest. Keeps your shotgun or rifle in the shooting position at all times. Used with the SRB Turkey-Predator Rest or other self-standing monopods or a bipod.

The SRB Gun Butt Sling is easy to use:

  1. Slip buckle under your belt at the hip. Right-hand shooters on left hip, left-hand shooters on right hip.

  2. Bring strap over your shooting shoulder slightly below shooting position with a loop in the strap for the gun’s buttstock, pull slack from strap.

  3. Keep location of strap below belt, adjust strap for length, snap buckle,

  4. Put loop over shoulder, place buttstock of firearm in the loop and tighten.

  5. When you go mobile, loosen from buttstock and store loose end in pocket or tucked under belt.

The SRB Turkey-Predator Rest and the Gun Butt Sling used together gives the turkey hunter an advantage in the field, resulting in a perfect setup for every situation. The products can be purchased separately or together at Free shipping on orders with SRB Field Rests.

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