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SRB Field Rests 6″ Field Rest Available in a New Color

SRB Field Rests most popular field rest is now available in a new color; white for those late season goose hunters. The single one-piece gun rest includes a sturdy steel powder coated socket with a five-inch spike easy to insert into the ground, and one durable plastic rest bolted together. This rest will hold your gun, or crossbow, six inches off the ground at the rest keeping your gun’s muzzle and action out of the dirt and mud. With this field rest, you can rest assured that it provides a safe place for your gun, or crossbow, for easy access to pick up and shoot when ready.

Available in gray, and now in white, with black sockets. The durable SRB 6″ Field Rest is portable in blind bags or backpack, and easy to use. This SRB 6″ Field Rest is not compatible with the extensions and cannot be driven into the frozen ground with a driver.

The SRB Field Rests 6″ field rest is $21.95, but order yours today and receive 10% off AND Free Shipping using the code srbfan. Check out all the other great products from SRB Field Rests by visiting; and while you are shopping, pick up a comfortable mid-weight hoodie, a long-sleeve or short-sleeve tee shirt, or the SRB Field Rests cool looking decal to put on your shotgun case or vehicle. Guides and outfitters wishing to purchase in efforts of offering the perfect field rest solution to your clients, contact SRB Field Rests for special pricing.

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