What People Are Saying About SRB

After using SRB Field Rests I will not go into the field without them again. When it came time to use my gun after sitting in a blind for many hours, having it at my side and off the ground made all the difference. It only takes a small amount of movement to get from the yoke to the ready.
Unacasville, CT
SRB Field Rests are lightweight and breakdown perfectly to fit in my pack. I like them a lot and use them every time I hunt.
Jacksonville, FL
SRB Field Rests are a great way to keep rifles off the ground and at quick access. They also double as a mono-pod, allowing you to swivel and follow the target without ever having to lift the rifle. This could make the difference between getting the kill shot or missing it. LOVE IT.
Spartanburg, SC
You just can't beat the SRB Field Rests! Works perfect for while in the field goose or duck hunting to keep your gun out of the mud! Also, SRB Field Rests with extensions to set up high out of the water worked perfect for my 8 year-old daughter this season.
SRB Field Rests are perfectly designed, affordable, and easy to use.
Rutledge, TN

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