SRB Waterfowl Rest

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The SRB Waterfowl Set will keep your gun safe and ready at all times!

A few uses for the SRB Waterfowl Rests:

Keep your gun safe and ready in the flooded fields, marshes and anywhere you hunt in the shallow water or mud excellent for a wading stick also!

As a steady shooting rest for your shotgun, rifle or crossbow in the ground blind or on a spot and stalk hunt.

As 2 SRB Bow Hangers with 1 each of the spiked extensions, 1 each of the adapter extensions and 1 each of the rests to keep your bow safe, ready and completely off the ground on the range or in the ground blind.

As 2 SRB Turkey Rests with the 1 each of the rests and 1 each of the spiked extensions.

As 2 fishing pole holders while bank fishing.

This set includes 2 extensions with steel spikes inserted in to the bottom for inserting into the ground, 2 extensions with adapters to insert into the bottom ext. and thumb set screws to hold in place and 2 durable molded plastic rests that insert into the top rest with thumb set screws to adjust height of rest from 39″ to 44″ above the ground.
Available in Brown.

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 36 × 4 × 4 in

3 reviews for SRB Waterfowl Rest

  1. Bart

    Easy to adjust and the max height is perfect for your shotgun or for a bow. We use them when target shooting to avoid laying our guns on the ground, changing chokes, cleaning our guns and as bow holders when target shooting.
    A pair at home and a pair for the field. Thank you SRB for such a versatile rest!!!

  2. Matt

    Awesome product!! You will never catch me putting my gun or bow on the ground again! I use these in the blind, when im setting up my blind, target shooting, and have also used it to hold my fishing pole! Versatile, simple to use, and very well made! If you don’t have an SRB Field Rest then you’re missing out!

  3. VicStickels

    Another great product we use in our endeavors. Not only the above mentioned reviews. We use them to put our bows on when collecting arrows during practice as well in a ground blind or just sitting in the brush. “Never let your bow touch the ground”

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