SRB 1 Piece 11″ Layout Blind Gun Rests


One of the biggest concerns with lying in the spread has always been gun safety. Thanks to the SRB 11″ Gun Rests that is no longer the case. Not only is it compatible with the chair blinds but with the layout blinds also, but its V-rest design makes for easy and safe gun placement. Made of a un breakable polypropelene, the SRB 11″ Gun Rest is extremely tough, and cold temperature ready. Just stick it in the ground with the 5″ steel spike and you’re ready to go!
The SRB 1 PIECE 11″ Gun Rest are a 1 piece construction! Each rest is bolted to a steel socket with a 5″ spike welded to the socket. This is a very sturdy rest for installing into the ground to keep your gun safe! Uses include in a Layout Blinds, Backboards or any where else you may lean or lay your gun in an unsafe position. Easily packed in as they are lightweight and flat. Easily installed and removed. Available in brown or white.

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