SRB Box Blind Cradle Rest

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The SRB Box Blind Cradle Rest solves all your needs for storing your gun or crossbow while giving you a solid rest to shoot from in the Box Blind of any kind or the Shooting Houses also. As the SRB Box Blind Cradle Rest attaches to the wall of your blind it does NOT take any of your valuable floor space and gets rid of the stumble or trip hazards in the blind without a tripod or other device to hold your gun or crossbow in a solid shooting position. Also available are the extra mounting brackets to install under all windows in your blind to accommodate moving the SRB Box Blind Cradle Rest easily, quickly and quietly.
The SRB Box Blind Cradle Rest adjusts the height by 5” up or down with easy to use knob screws to accommodate any gun or crossbow the cradle also swivels 360 degrees in the mounting bracket.
CAUTION with a crossbow make sure all strings on the crossbow clear the forks on the rests!

Available in Black only.

4 reviews for SRB Box Blind Cradle Rest

  1. Marv

    No more having to carry shooting sticks to the blind!! The “Box Blind Cradle Rest” is already there waiting on you!!! Sit back and enjoy the hunt and when the time comes to get sighted in on that game you are hunting, you can rely on the “Box Blind Cradle Rest” to help you keep your weapon steady and make an ethical shot!! MUST HAVE!!! 5 OUT OF 5 STARS!!
    Marv Grandstaff
    Owner/Bonebrothers Outdoors

  2. vic stickels

    Super product for hunting out of a blind with gun or crossbow. My wife uses one for her crossbow and it’s always at the ready while she scans the area. Easily moves about to get on game, and super quiet. She’d be lost without it.

  3. Eric M. from Michigan (verified owner)

    I bought this rest for a box blind to take the weight of the gun off my 9 year old daughter. The cradle rest is going to great for anyone that sits in the shack. I received the rest within four days of order. It was damaged in shipping. I got a hold of Richard and I sent a pic of damage and he got a replacement piece to me in a couple days. Great customer service and a great American made product. Thanks again Richard.

  4. Cody M

    I bought this for my Dad after he had his pacemaker put in his left shoulder and couldn’t handle getting his gun up anymore this makes life easy for him already having the gun up and ready

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