Kettlersville, Ohio

My name is Patrick Mullen and I am currently the ProStaff Manager for SRB Field Rests. 

I live in the small town of Kettlersville, Ohio. I have been hunting and fishing for 31 years. I grew up on Lake Erie bass fishing in tournaments and hunting waterfowl.

I manage the PEM Outdoors Facebook page with my son, Ethan. Ethan has been hunting since the age of five years old. I am married to Ashley and have four children.

My passion is being in the outdoors whether it is camping, fishing, hunting or just being outside. I am a full-time firefighter and volunteer which I like as well.


Wichita, Kansas

I was a firefighter with the Wichita, Kansas Fire Department for 31.5 years when I retired in 2012. The firefighter camaraderie is a very special one and for a lot of us, the outdoors is a huge piece of that.

My Dad first took me hunting when I was ten years old and I was immediately hooked. Like most Kansans, I cut my hunting teeth on dove, pheasant, and quail hunting. After I joined the fire department, one of my Captains talked me into trying bowhunting, that experience was life-changing.

Eventually, turkey hunting grew in Kansas and this has now become my favorite hunt. Today I don’t do any upland bird hunting much but my mainstays are turkey, deer, waterfowl, and dove. I have been married for 37 years to my beautiful wife Shelly and we have two grown children Nicole & Matthew. We now have five grandchildren.

Since my retirement, I started working in the outdoor retail business until I can get someone to pay me to hunt. I recently joined Jokers Wild Outdoors as a Retail Manager. I am now living my dream of working in the outdoors.

I came across SRB Field Rests several years ago at an outdoor trade show. These are such great products and are so versatile. I use them during turkey, waterfowl, predator, and deer season. Get in the woods, take someone new out and introduce them to this amazing adventure.


Judsonia, Arkansas

I am from Judsonia, Arkansas, the Natural State. I’m a photographer and I am getting into videography as well. I am an all-around outdoorsman. I hunt duck, deer, squirrel, and geese, as well as fish.

I am ProStaff for Natural GearFlambeauWopawFroggToggsSlayer CallsTrout Magnet, Crappie Magnet, and Ororo Heated Apparel.

I have a YouTube channel that I just started, and you can find me on Facebook and TikTok.

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Judsonia, Arkansas

My name is Dathan Meharg from Judsonia, Arkansas. I love to hunt and fish, and I take my boys along with me to do anything outdoors. My favorite kind of hunting to do is duck hunting.

I was raised around hunting and fishing and I’m doing the same with my boys. All I can do is hope they love it as much as I do! We love to be outdoors and do pretty much anything outdoors.

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Northwest Kansas

My name is Casey Croop and I was born and raised in South Dakota, currently living in Northwest Kansas. 

Growing up my dad was instrumental in sparking my interest in hunting and fishing. I’ve hunted everything from prairie dogs on the plains of South Dakota to black bears in the mountains of Colorado.

When I am not hunting you can find me on the shore of Swanson Lake trying my hand at some crappie, or whatever decides to bite. Fishing for me is more relaxing than anything else. 

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Lake Ozarks, Missouri

My name is Kyle Pitman and I am from Lake Ozarks, Missouri.

I am 26 years old and have been hunting and fishing for as long as I can remember. I have no plans of stopping any time soon. My best friend, fishing and hunting partner is my black lab named Martin.

From the Missouri youth duck opener through mid-March I am a hunting guide with Todd’s Creek Outfitters located in Mound City, Missouri.

For the rest of the year, I am just a blue-collar kid.

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Todd’s Creek Outfitters Facebook


Turlock, California

My name is Craig Garrett and I was born and raised hunting and fishing in the woods and on farmlands of north-central California with my family.

I am wheelchair-bound due to Spina Bifida but that has never stopped my outdoor adventures. Currently, I hunt and fish anywhere I can throughout the United States.

I am ProStaff for Wheel Chair Outdoors and a Field Producer for Western Hunters Journal.

Western Hunters Journal Facebook Page

Wheel Chair Outdoors Facebook Page


Point Pleasant, West Virginia

My name is Carl Birchfield and I am from Point Pleasant West Virginia, a small town along the Ohio River. I grew up in the outdoors hunting and fishing. I have over 40 years of experience hunting everything from deer to waterfowl.

I am the owner of X-Fowls. X-Fowls consists of a group of guys who are passionate about waterfowl, turkey hunting, and promoting outdoor conservation. We are always willing to share our passion for waterfowl and turkey hunting with youth and first-time hunters, mentoring them and helping them get started in the outdoors.

X-Fowls Facebook Page



My name is Vic Stickels and I was born and raised as an Iowa boy. My father always took my brother and me to the outdoors through camping, fishing, boating, and hunting as far back as I can remember. In 1968, when I was seven years old, my love for archery was started when an older gentleman handed me an old bow and some arrows.

I have spent my entire life in the outdoors, with 49 years of hunting and fishing experiences. During that time I have owned a hunting shop, and a taxidermy shop, and have guided turkey hunters for 30 years. Besides Iowa, I have hunted and fished in Canada, Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri.

In 2008, I met Greywolf in Wyoming and we started our life together in Iowa. Greywolf was raised on a Native American reservation in California and has hunting and fishing experience from her youth as well. When she came to Iowa, she found turkey hunting which became her passion but shares a little bit of that passion with bowhunting and fishing.

We both have always loved the outdoor lifestyle and enjoy anything that gets us in nature together. We have an outdoors page, Sacred Acres Outdoors, where we share that passion with others and try to inspire others to enjoy the outdoors.


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Indianapolis, Indiana

My name is Brad Gootee and I am a born and raised Indianapolis man. A family man that loves the outdoors and tries to share my passion with everyone I can.

l love to camp, hunt, and fish. I manage an outdoor Facebook page, Bucks, Ruts, Gobbles & Struts of Indiana – Team BRGS. You can also find the Team BRGA adventures on Instagram.

Bucks, Ruts, Gobbles & Struts of Indiana -Team BRGS Facebook

Team BRGS Instagram


West Texas

My name is Sam Porter and I am the owner-operator of a Sandhill crane, duck, deer, hog, turkey, quail, and dove hunting operation out of west Texas.

I grew up in a family of quail hunters but had never hunted waterfowl. When I was 12 there was an ad in the paper for a dozen mallard floater decoys. I bought them and headed to the public land near the house, after that I was hooked!

I opened my business in 2015 as a college student at the University of Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas. Many PB&J’s were eaten day after day to save money so I had enough fuel and supplies for my hunts. We have come a long way in the past seven years from running just duck hunts to a full-blown operation running over 400 clients a year.

Dirty Texas Outfitters
Honest. Reliable. Always on the X.


Dirty Texas Outfitters Facebook



Brownstown, Indiana

My name is Jeremy Steinkamp from Smalltown Brownstown Indiana. I have two wonderful boys that are active in hunting and fishing.

I own and manage Whitetail Essentials Deer Products and Smalltown Foodplots. I work for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources as a construction supervisor.

As an avid hunter, my passions are hunting deer, waterfowl, coyote, and turkey.

Staff at Predator Tactics



Triadelphia, West Virginia


Fredericksburg, Virgina

Chris Heinlein is a web designer, editor, music coordinator, and co-owner/editor/cameraman at Timberbucks Productions.

Paul Shearer has hunted and fished his entire life, starting from a very young age. He works in marketing, sales, film, music producer, songwriter, cameraman, head owner/producer/editor, and host at Timberbucks Productions.





Farmington, New Hampshire

My name is Joshua Wade and I was born with Spina Bifida. I am paralyzed from the waist down, but I don’t let my disability stop me from enjoying the outdoors.

Hunting and fishing are my life, and just because life has dealt me a rough hand, I’ve learned not to give up. If it wasn’t for my awesome family and friends supporting me, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Hunting and fishing are what keeps me going in life along with my family and friends.


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