About SRB



SRB Field Rests were born in a goose blind. Richard Howland, an avid hunter from Northwest Kansas, saw the need for a device to hold and protect his shotgun while hunkered down waiting for the perfect shot. So he set out to design such a product. After exhaustive testing of numerous prototypes and perfecting them during field tests, he finally hit on the perfect design. SRB Field Rests can be used on all of your hunting excursions, easily accommodating your shotguns, rifles, bows and crossbows. With SRB Field Rests you will never have to lay your expensive weapon on the ground again. While waiting for prey, making calls or setting up your hunting site, SRB Field Rests hold and protect your weapon while freeing up your hands and creating a safer hunting environment. Sturdy steel spikes make it possible to drive them into hard, rocky or frozen terrain and adjustable extensions give you the flexibility to customize them to the exact height requirements of your hunting situation.



Here’s what they had to say about SRB Field Rests:

“After using SRB Field Rests I will not go into the field without them again. When it came time to use my gun after sitting in a blind for many hours, having it at my side and off the ground made all the difference. It only takes a small amount of movement to get from the yoke to the ready.”
“SRB Field Rests are perfectly designed, affordable, and easy to use.”
“SRB Field Rests are lightweight and break down perfectly to fit in my pack. I like them a lot and use them every time I hunt.”
“I recommend SRB Field Rests; they’re great for any situation and any hunter. Very nice product, keeps your gun clean, dry, and ready for action.”
“The ease of use of SRB Field Rests is phenomenal. I use them for sighting in my rifle, shooting in the prone position and as a place to hold the rifle, making it more comfortable when hunting for long periods of time.”
“SRB Field Rests keep my hands free and my rifle out of the dew on my early morning hunts.”
“SRB Field Rests are great way to keep rifles off the ground and at quick access. They also double as a mono-pod, allowing you to swivel and follow the target without ever having to lift the rifle. This could make the difference between getting the kill shot or missing it. LOVE IT.”
“I use SRB Field Rests in North Dakota to keep my gun out of the snow. They are great for stability as well as lightweight and I also like their price, great for a hunter on a budget.”
“If you hunt while standing in the water this product is a must have.”
“I use SRB Field Rests when I take my kids target shooting with our .22's and it works very well allowing for them to use it as a stabilizer while lying down. It also brings an added measure of safety, when you involve children.”
“For those of us who have expensive hunting equipment the price point for SRB Field Rests is a small price to pay to keep our weapons safe while out in the field.”
“SRB Field Rests are great for keeping your gun clean while hunting and they also give you a nice steady shot at the range or in the field.”
“I am really pleased with the quality of these rests. I can actually set them at the height I need. Lots of things are made to fit a male torso so with a shorter reach of woman most things don't really work. I highly recommend these rests.”
“I used SRB Field Rests in my ground blind while bow hunting and had my hands free to use grunt calls and when I needed to grab my bow it was easy to reach.”
“SRB Field Rests are an excellent product. They are easy to setup, and very effective. They allow you to keep your gun out of the elements while you setup, and also free up your hands for calling.”
“SRB Field Rests are versatile for many hunting applications. They work especially great for holding your bow in a ground blind while glassing fields.”
“I recommend SRB Field Rests to any hunter. They are very easy to install and great for areas with mud for dirt. Plus your rifle is always in arms reach, which makes it very acceptable for fast rifle handling.”
“I hunt varmints on a regular basis. I use a popup blind and this little jewel is awesome. I now have a place to keep my rifle other than my lap or on the ground. The uses of this product are only limited to your imagination. This product is AWESOME!!!!”