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About SRB Field Rests

Keeping your weapons safe, clean and ready at all times

SRB Field Rests were born in a goose blind. Richard Howland, an avid hunter from Northwest Kansas, saw the need for a device to hold and protect his shotgun while hunkered down waiting for the perfect shot, so he set out to design such a product. After exhaustive testing of numerous prototypes and perfecting them during field tests, he finally hit on the perfect design. SRB Field Rests can be used on all of your hunting excursions, easily accommodating your shotguns, rifles, bows and crossbows. With SRB Field Rests you will never have to lay your expensive weapon on the ground again. Whether you’re waiting for prey, making calls or setting up your hunting site, SRB Field Rests hold and protect your weapon while freeing up your hands and creating a safer hunting environment. Sturdy steel spikes make it possible to drive them into hard, rocky or frozen terrain and adjustable extensions give you the flexibility to customize them to the exact height requirements of your hunting situation.


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