Box Blind Cradle Rest Item #3802

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Hunting from a permanent blind just got a lot better with the SRB Field Rests Box Blind Rest! This redesigned cradle rest & mount will hold your gun in the shooting position at all times ready for a quick stable shot at any game. Easily installs on the window sill or a shelf below the window with 2 self tapping screws. While swiveling 360 degrees on a rubber grommet for quiet moving, the cradle also adjusts from 5″ to 10″ above the L-Bracket. The rests are 11″ wide from rest to rest to hold your gun in position. Get extra Mounting Brackets for the other windows of your blind to move the cradle to the other windows easily and quietly if needed.


  1. Marv


    No more having to carry shooting sticks to the blind!! The “Box Blind Cradle Rest” is already there waiting on you!!! Sit back and enjoy the hunt and when the time comes to get sighted in on that game you are hunting, you can rely on the “Box Blind Cradle Rest” to help you keep your weapon steady and make an ethical shot!! MUST HAVE!!! 5 OUT OF 5 STARS!!
    Marv Grandstaff
    Owner/Bonebrothers Outdoors

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