Bowfishing Bow Holder (Single) (3853)


The Bowfishing Rail Mount Bow Holder mounts quickly and easily with 2 self tapping screws (included) to mount the L bracket on top of the rail on your deck. Will work for 1” to 2” square tubing or round pipe railing. Mount either on the inside of the rail to hold your bow about 5” to 6” from rail or on the outside of rail and turn rest to the inside to hold your bow against the rail for extra room on the deck. Where the bow sits in the holder will be 8″ above the rail. If your rail is 12″ above the deck then your bow will sit in the rest 20″ above the deck. Keep your bow safe and clean while unhooking fish, taking a break or assisting other bowfisher men-women. Use 2 of the Bowfishing Bow Holders to make an awesome rest to hold your bow completely out of the way!
Fishermen mount one of these to hold those spare poles off the floor of your boat while fishing to keep from tripping over them or stepping on your pole and breaking it. Keeps them handy for a quick grab when you need it. Easy follow instructions included along with all mounting

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